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Jun 20, 2019

If you’ve ever suffered from “puffy taco,” you should probably listen to this episode on cannabis and women’s health. If you don’t know what puffy taco is, you should download it right now!

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Aliza Sherman is the founder of Ellementa, a network of women focused on wellness and cannabis, and co-author of Cannabis & CBD for Health & Wellness. Cyo Nystom is co-founder of Quim, a California-based manufacturer of cannabis self-care products for women. (Fun fact: Quim is Victorian slang for the female anatomy).

There are many ways cannabis and women go together, especially when it comes to sexual health. Aliza and Cyo cross the generational divide to bring to light the many unspoken ways cannabis can be used to treat all matter of women’s health.

This frank and necessary conversation raises questions that your doctor won’t often know to answers to--

Does vaginal application cause you to get high?
How CBD can crush cramps in ways Motrin can’t
How cannabis can help menopausal women rejuvenate their sex lives and how younger women can use it to perk up theirs
And why spray products are just so wrong when it comes to vaginal health.
Add in the strong and informed opinions of these two powerhouse women and you’ve got a vag-forward conversation that should be sparking many future conversations among everyone, vaginally equipped or not. 

As Cyo so eloquently put it: "[These products] are like eye cream for the vagina…My face is never going to give birth to a child. I’d like to treat my vagina with the same care as I treat my face."

PS: We love your feedback and I want to share this kind note from Dane Ward, a former school principal who lives in Georgia. Keep 'em coming!

"Having been a Brave New World podcast subscriber for over a year, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your incredible work. I’ve greatly enjoyed the wide variety of topics effectively addressed.

Believe me when I say that my wife and I have benefited from implementing what we’ve learned. The integration of CBD is one example. She is a violin and mandolin player and suffers from arthritis in one hand. For years she relied on 10-12 ibuprofen to get though the day. Regular use of CBD has allowed her to stop that. Her hand pain is gone. We make our own tinctures using a Magic Butter Machine. CBD is helpful to us in many ways and we have other family members making the same conclusions.

Interviewer skills are really first rate! The variety of helpful topics and the depth of interviewer questions make these podcasts really engaging. Many I go back to and listen for a second time. Having said that, I am happy to increase my monthly Patreon contribution to $5.00. For all that you provide, that is a great bargain."