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Jun 6, 2019

Mark Williams, co-founder of Firefly Vaporizers, explains the folly of fat clouds, why vape pens suck, and why the new Firefly 2+ is so much more effective—and cost effective—than smoking.

Well-designed technology is satisfying. Well-designed technology that also gets you deliciously high is sublime.
You heard it here first: the new Firefly 2+ is a mini masterpiece. Less expensive than the original Firefly, easier on the draw (it sucks more!) and designed to maximize the flavor expression of every last terpene, the machine is a major leap forward for the 8 year old company.

This interview with Mark goes in deep on the benefits and joys of vaporization and it demolishes a few myths along the way. 

Death to the fat cloud! Most users are still using the “fat cloud” of exhalation as a measure of a vaporizer’s power. Mark explains why the fat cloud is an artifact of the combustion era and why the Firefly 2+ produces an almost invisible vapor mist that is barely there. 

Vaporizing is way more efficient than smoking. Why? Simple. With a joint or pipe, about 50% of the plant material you’re burning goes up in smoke. Vaporizers, especially convection vaporizers, melt off the oils so you get every last drop of those precious, and expensive, oils.

Vaporizers are cool. Yes, the new Firefly with its trendy finishes like Zebrawood, are pretty to behold, but that’s not the point. A vapor hit is hundreds of degrees cooler than combustion, which means less wear and tear on your lungs.

Convection rules. Ever notice that by the time your oil cartridge is down to the final quarter it’s nothing more than a flavor-free sleep bomb? There’s a very practical reason why that’s so and you’ll learn why in the 2nd half of this podcast.

I love exploring the nerdery of puffery. I also love this accompanying video that features Mark demonstrating the best way to pack and use the 2+. But what I love most is that Firefly is offering our very special audience a very special promotion of 20% off the new device. Head over to and use the code BRAVE to grab your discount. Hurry—this deal expires on June 20, 2019.