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Jun 15, 2017

The Brave New Weed podcast episode 5. 

News Stories: 

- Tobacco Wants in on Mass. Marijuana

If the tobacco companies get their way, those “dispensaries would have to sell the product they grew as a cultivator to these distributors, and then buy it back from them as a retailer on the other end,” Luzier said. “I don’t see any sound public policy reason why it’s important to do that, other than to benefit the tobacco industry.”


- Mara Gordon

Mara Gordon, our guest this week, has been treating cancer patients with high potency cannabis oils for over 5 years. She’s the founder of Aunt Zelda’s, a patient collective in California and her work, and the story of how she became one of the pioneers of this treatment is worth listening to—especially if you know someone battling this killer disease.

Her treatments, in addition to standard oncology, have kept a young boy – and dozens like him -- alive long after doctors wrote him off.