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Mar 7, 2019

If medical cannabis is ever going to get the respect it deserves as a medicine, it’s going to have to do better than “Go home a pack a bowl.” It’s sort of hard to imagine a doctor or any healthcare provider ever saying, “Take a few hits and call me in the morning.”

That’s one of the reasons I’m excited about the GoFire metered dose inhalers, which are due to hit the market in the next few months. Not only is GoFire a nifty convection vaporizer (which beats those cheap conduction vaporizers by a mile -- you’ll find the convection vs. conduction discussion midway in this episode), but it comes with an app that aims to offer patients a lot more insight and choice as to what meds to try for which conditions. As Peter Calfee, GoFire’s CEO and Founder, puts it: “GoFire is a Waze meets Yelp in the alternative health space.”

One of the aims of medical cannabis is to find the lowest possible dose to find relief. High doses are not necessarily called for. To that end, we tried the GoFire and indeed, its ability to measure tiny, 2.5mg doses is impressive. Catch a video of it and the app in use here. And if you’re interested in trying one out, there’s a special introductory promotion for the Brave New Weed podcast community: You can get $200 off the GoFire’s $499 retail price by going to and using the code BRAVE!

One last thing: Throughout this interview Peter refers to a “510.” No, it’s not the Oakland CA area code. “510” refers to the cheap pen vaporizers that are in use everywhere.