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Feb 28, 2019

In this very sweet interview, Dan gives us the inside scoop on edibles, candy and who likes what. Here are just a few tidbits of what you’re going to hear.  

  • Adult men like gummies until they pass 50; then they like hard mints (just like grandpa used to like!)
  • Chocolate is loved by women over 32; and by men over 40.
  • Adults, not kids, like the texture of “chewy."  Interestingly, “chewy" is liked by less than 18% of the population under 18. Kids under 18 prefer sugary drinks like Red Bull. (So next time you hear the prohibitionists tell you edible manufacturers are targeting teenagers, give them this data from the National Confectioner’s Association.)

In this sprawling and fascinating interview you’ll also learn about the future of vegan edibles and the wellness future of cannabinoids, especially how they’ll be paired with nutraceuticals for gut control, sleep control and pain control. You’ll learn why crossing the US border is fraught for Canadian Cannabis entrepreneurs, and you’ll hear why veterans who need cannabis are afraid to use it: "Every time the US Congress avoids fixing cannabis they continue to deny benefits to the very group they say they want to help most."