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Sep 6, 2018

News Stories:

  • Trump forms a secretive MJ Hit Squad - According to reports from Forbes and Buzzfeed News, the Trump administration has supposedly assembled a team of federal agency leaders for the purpose of promoting negative views on U.S. cannabis legalization.
  • Conflicting numbers come out of Highway Patrol Reports in Co.  - While many reports are being passed around to state that fatalities that involve cannabis are up, the presence of alcohol is skewing the numbers, and now "cannabis-involved fatalities"
  • Loyds of London OKs insurance on Canada Cannabis Ventures - Insurance market Lloyd’s of London will allow its member firms to underwrite cannabis-related business in Canada, provided they meet local and international laws.


  • Jason Silva, apostle of awe, wonder and flow! A former presenter on Current TV, lectures internationally on such topics as creativity, spirituality, technology and humanity, writes and produces short films, and co-hosts National Geographic's Brain Games.