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Jan 25, 2018


- Joel Giambra, republican mayoral candidate, who plans to legalize marijuana to help repair the NYC subway system

- Michael Backes, author, entrepreneur, strain hunter, founder of the first evidence-based medical cannabis dispensary in LA, and one of the most prescient sages in the cannabis industry

News Stories:

- CNN goes to POT on NYE: Everyone from Fox News to Fortune is commenting on CNN's NYE coverage which featured Randi Kaye celebrating in Colorado with many weed revelers. Not everyone caught a buzz though as many people are upset that it exposed open and very public use to children.  

- GOP governor hopeful seeks to save subway system by legalizing pot: New candidate for NY Governorship wants to talk legal recreational pot, better still, he plans to use taxes to fund and fix MTA and public transportation, best yet, he's a REPUBLICAN!