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Aug 24, 2017

- News Stories

NBA signals a change in tone on Cannabis

The DOJ is stonewalling the DEA on government growing

A California company buys a whole town to build a weekend weed resort destination 


- Guest

This podcast, which was recorded live at The Alchemist’s Kitchen in New York City, features Dr. Junella Chin, an integrative family physician who specializes in treating children with intractable epilepsy, cancer, autism, and mental health conditions.
Dr. Chin, who is also a chronic pain survivor, studied at Cornell, Columbia and Harvard universities. She received her medical cannabis training in California, where she treated an estimated 12,000 patients with cannabinoids. This qualifies her as one of the most experienced medical cannabis doctors in the world. She and her family returned to her native New York several years ago to bring awareness to a state that is just beginning its medical cannabis program.