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Mar 28, 2019

This episode is sponsored by Mission Dispensaries.

Followers of this podcast know that strain names are largely bullshit and not reliably indicative of what will happen after inhalation. The more accurate determinants of a high are the terpenes, those powerful smell molecules that combine with THC to direct the effects and the healing. [EP 14 with Dr. Ethan Russo is a great refresher on this topic.] For even more in depth terptalk that you’re not likely to get anywhere else, we urge you to tune into this interview with Max Montrose, the founder of the Trichome Institute. Max is a one of a kind cannabis obsessive that we at BNW cherish.
Max began “interpening” (“interpreting terps”) in 2008. Today he hosts seminars around the country to groom the first generation of “ganjasoms,” cannabis sommeliers, who can inhale a flower and get insight into the climate, soil and rich bouquet of phytochemicals that direct the effects. It’s an ambitious and audacious pursuit. Since I’ve never taken a class, I have no idea if it can be accomplished, but if any of you get inspired to so after this podcast, I expect your reviews.

And now for a quick quiz:

  • Fluorescence
  • Terpicity
  • Dirty dabbing
  • Mariguana
  • Sativist

If you can define any of the terms above, congratulations! You may not need to listen to this, our 50th episode! But we suggest you do so anyway because you’re going to be blown away by the depth, passion and intelligence that Max brings to his topic.
Special Bonus for Patreon supporters: Get a personal, guided tour of Max’s amazing inked body, which features a depiction of almost every entheogen grown on planet Earth. This one is worth your monthly support! Click here to check it out.

About about our sponsor, Mission:
We think of Mission as a different kind of dispensary, not just filling orders, but fulfilling your needs as an individual.  If you’re new to the world of marijuana, or just the rules for recreational use, we know it can be  intimidating: with different regulations in different states. So many options for the types of cannabis and the ways you can consume it. Maybe even a little nervousness at trying it. We get it: that’s a lot of unknowns.

So they're here to help you through the process, from how to register, to what to expect when you step through our doors. We’ll explain your choices, so you can create an experience that best fits you and your life. And we’ll give you a comfortable, no-judgements space to come and connect with others like you.

That’s their Mission. Visit them online.