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Feb 18, 2019

The Denver Miniseries is brought to you by GoFire.

Host Joe Dolce travels to Denver to bring you some of the greatest content we've had to date. Stay tuned to subsequent episodes to hear what's coming. As always, we encourage you to support us for as little as $1/mo via

As a special promotion, listeners to the Brave New Weed podcast are eligible for a special $200 pre-order discount on the GoFire inhaler. Use the code: BRAVE. 

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One of the biggest problems with inhaling cannabis medicines is getting a precise dose every time. Now with the GoFire inhaler and app, dose control is as easy as taking a breath.

Gofire is a device and an app that brings you more clarity, control and choice over your cannabis medicine. Its technology enables a precise 2.5mg metered dose with every inhale. A tracking app allows you keep a record and chart results on your mobile device as you go.

It also allows patients to search by ailment and find community ratings to help find products that work for different conditions.

Whether you prefer edibles, topicals, extracts or have yet to give plant medicine a try, the Gofire community can help you find the best product and dose to get the relief you need. Download the Gofire App today to get started.