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Feb 21, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of our special 4-part series "Denver: Five Years After Legalization," presented by GoFire. As a special promotion, listeners to the Brave New Weed podcast are eligible for a special $200 pre-order discount on the GoFire inhaler. Use the code: BRAVE

As the rest of the country inches toward legalization we thought it would be useful to head to Colorado, the first state to legalize, to see firsthand what the effects have been. We spent a few days in Denver, "the Mile High City," talking to experts, industry leaders and the media about their thoughts. The results were so interesting that we’ve decided to double up our production and bring you an episode every week for the next month. (There’s also tons of bonus content for our Patreon supporters, so be sure to check that out.)
In this first episode, we connected with @Izzy_Blazee and @Sunnny.Daze, two micro-influencers who are making a living documenting their lives in cannabis on Instagram. Izzy calls herself the “Good Time Guru,” who specializes in content creation/consultation/motivation and inspiration. Sunnny is an "MMJ patient and CBD advocate" who specializes in marketing/branding/content creation. Their brands are unabashedly who they are and what they do.
To see how these two women are showcasing the new face of cannabis to the world I suggest you follow them on The Gram. But to understand the impact of social media and influencer marketing on the new world of cannabis, and to learn the ins and outs of what they do and how they are growing their followings, I highly recommend you listen in to this enlightening interview with Blaze and Daze.
And keep your eye out for mini-series Episode #2, coming at you in a week in addition to the bonus content with Ricardo Baca coming out this week exclusively to our Patreon supporters.