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Jun 13, 2019

The Coca Cola bottling billionaire was arrested for smuggling 5,000 CBD hemp seedlings into St. Kitts on his private jet (the press called the CBD “cannabis” – silly reporters). In this exclusive interview, Alki unloads about the arrest, his plan to turn the Caribbean into a hemp growing mecca, and why he...

May 23, 2019

This episode is supported by Medical Cannabis Mentor: The finest evidenced-based cannabis education courses for healthcare professionals, dispensary personnel and patients. 

One of the turning points for my understanding the power of medical cannabis occurred in an Israeli nursing home where elders with dementia were...

Mar 7, 2019

If medical cannabis is ever going to get the respect it deserves as a medicine, it’s going to have to do better than “Go home a pack a bowl.” It’s sort of hard to imagine a doctor or any healthcare provider ever saying, “Take a few hits and call me in the morning.”

That’s one of the reasons I’m excited...

Feb 28, 2019

In this very sweet interview, Dan gives us the inside scoop on edibles, candy and who likes what. Here are just a few tidbits of what you’re going to hear.  

  • Adult men like gummies until they pass 50; then they like hard mints (just like grandpa used to like!)
  • Chocolate is loved by women over 32; and by men over...

Feb 18, 2019

The Denver Miniseries is brought to you by GoFire.

Host Joe Dolce travels to Denver to bring you some of the greatest content we've had to date. Stay tuned to subsequent episodes to hear what's coming. As always, we encourage you to support us for as little as $1/mo via

As a special promotion,...