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Aug 9, 2018

News Stories:

  • Vox launched its newest episode, "Explained: Weed" on Netflix.  The media giant published a guide to the basics of what you need to know about cannabis thru the past and up to current. One more step in an ongoing wave of 'normalization' of cannabis in society.
  • Medical cannabis to be available on prescription in UK - Though they stress it is not the first steps to recreational legalization, the UK Home Office has changed its stance on medical prescriptions for cannabis.
  • The First Church of Cannabis loses in court.  - A three year trial comes to an end as Indiana State Supreme Court rules that cannabis consumption as part of religious sacrament will remain illegal.


  • Dr. Deborah Kimless - an anesthesiologist and medical director of Forward Gro, Maryland’s first licensed medical cannabis grow, eschews the V word (vegan), in favor of the P word (pH balanced diet)